Safety, Environment and Measurements in Oil & Gas Field


Mobile units for offshore and onshore wireline operations:

  • Pressure control during wireline interventions;
  • Fluid pumping, removal of stored materials to allow operational staff to intervene without environmental distress;
  • Equipment filled with nitrogen and without the presence of liquids allows for superior workplace and environmental safety;
  • Resetting of tubing string during pressure valve testing;
  • Tube seal and leak testing;
  • Fluid repumping;
  • Tool string resetting;
  • Fluid pumping and cementing.

Mobile units:

  • 200bar Nitrogen Pumping Station;
  • Hydraulic Oil Equipment;
  • Pumping Equipment;
  • Triphasic Separator;
  • Recovered Fluid Storage Tanks;
  • H2S scrubber-flare.