Safety, Environment and Measurements in Oil & Gas Field

Inerting Systems

Inert gas is a gas or a mixture of gases, such as flue gas, containing a small percentage of oxygen to support the combustion of hydrocarbons. Inert gas is widely used in the oilfield service industry to prevent explosions and the combustion of flammable materials.

Our inert gas system has a 120CV internal combustion engine. After exiting the engine the inert gas enters a precooler where it’s cooled before entering the flue gas scrubber where it’s cleaned of residual particles and cooled down a second time. A drop eliminator prevents free water from entering the gas supply. Before being distributed to the tanks the cleaned and cooled gas is tested for any air residue.

The Inert Gas System has a capacity range of 336m^3/h and a pressure of 150-200mm/H2O