Safety, Environment and Measurements in Oil & Gas Field

Well testing

State-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled employees allow Sieco Service to offer outstanding and innovative solutions during all well testing stages.

Well Test System:

  • High Flow Separator;
  • Compact Low Flow Separator;
  • High Efficiency Burner;
  • Choke Manifold;
  • Injection Pumps;
  • Surge Tank;
  • Emergency Shutdown Valve;
  • Inert Gas System;
  • Gas Flow Measurement (Pressure Differential Devices, ISO 5167).

In support of Well Testing, are performed supplementary services such as:

  • Antipollution;
  • Fluid and Nitrogen Pumping;
  • Fluid Heating;
  • Valve Lubrication;
  • P&T Monitoring;
  • Inerting Systems;
  • Fluid storage.

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